2000l two vessel brewhouse <
TONSEN another 2000l two vessel brewhouse, with a HLT for sale
TONSEN another 2000l two vessel brewhouse, with a HLT for sale.
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Beer Brewing System is used for lab ,pub,bar,hotel,restaurant,industry brewery etc. from 100L to 30000L per day. Brewing process inlcude Milling, mashing, lauterung, boiling, whirlpool, wort chilling, fermentation&maturing, cooling, temperature controlling, cleaning, filling etc..So complete beer brewing system including brewhouse, fermentation tanks, bright beer tank, glycol system, controlling system, beer filling machine ect.We can provide the design solution from drawing until after installation. 

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2000L 20HL ss304 steam heated two vessel customized brewhouse for beer making

Microbrewery or minibrewery is typically applied to breweries that are much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries and are independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on flavor and brewing technique. We offer a microbrewery (mini brewery) with the productivity of 100L to 10,000L per brew. The service includes: complete set of microbrewery equipment,installation turn key, recipes and technology of branded beers, staff training and more. Microbrewery comes complete "turnkey" The performance of  microbrewery (Brewery and mini brewery), if necessary, the capacity can be increased in the future.